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API to attach a file to a resource

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Hi all,

Quick help required.Can anyone point to the api which attaches a file to a resource.

Thanks in advance,


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Are you talking about KM resources? What do you mean by "attaching a file to a resource"!?

I'm a bit confused because you are now talking about mails and attachments.

Regards, Alex

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Hi Alex,

Sorry aboutt the confusion.I was referring to KM resource.

And I don't need to attach a file to a mail. I was looking at options of attaching a file to a resource ".dsc" created whenever a discussion is started.

Till now i haven't come across ways of attaching a doc/ppt/pdfs in the discussions(replies/posts).So was looking at attaching a file to the resource ".dsc",this is my proj requirement.

Best regds,


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Hi Anupama,

did you find a solution for your problem? I'm facing the same :o/