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Any Guide on loading a hierarchy through a file

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I have this huge evnvironment and I wanted to create a hierarchy but it looks like it can't be done manually. Any info on doing this through a file.


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Answers (2)

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Hi Caud,

The following is a simple example of data for hierarchy upload.

Note, that depending on hierarchy settings number of columns in a file may vary.

This data for upload through IDOC (not PSA!) a not time-dependent sorted hierarchy.


1______0HIER_NODE TNODE1___ ____0________2_______0______EN___SHTXT1__MIDTXT1_LGTXT1

2______0HIER_NODE TNODE2___ ____1________9_______3______EN___SHTXT2__MIDTXT2_LGTXT2

9______ZTOV4_______1238_______ ____2________0_______10_____EN___SHTXT3__MIDTXT3_LGTXT3

10_____ZTOV4_______1239_______ ____2________0_______0______EN___SHTXT4__MIDTXT4_LGTXT4

3______0HIER_NODE TNODE3___ ____1________4_______0______EN___SHTXT5__MIDTXT5_LGTXT5

4______0HIER_NODE TNODE4___ ____3________5_______0______EN___SHTXT6__MIDTXT6_LGTXT6

5______ZTOV4_______1234_______ ____4________0_______6______EN___SHTXT7__MIDTXT7_LGTXT7

6______ZTOV4_______1235_______ ____4________0_______7______EN___SHTXT8__MIDTXT8_LGTXT8

7______ZTOV4_______1236_______ ____ 4________0_______8______EN___SHTXT9__MIDTXT9_LGTXT9

8______ZTOV4_______1237_______ ____ 4________0_______0______EN___SHTXT10_MIDTXT10_LGTXT10

OHIER_NODE – text node, ZTOV4 – custom infoobject with hierarchy.

This data will form the following tree:











Hope now it became more clear.

Best regards,


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Yes, it did but I need some clarification.


Why do you have Node ID 1 and 2 (first column) as 0HIER_NODE. Why are the repeatitions under the InfoObject?


Why are you assigning the different Node IDs 5,6,7,8 to the same InfoObject?


What is the role "Link". Can you take as an example the first 3 or 4 rows of your table and read them out in plain English(words) from left to right and relate to Tree?


What is the effect of this example on the PSA implementation that we are trying?


When someone says a profit center hierarchy, what does it is the meaning? What will you say is the one you drew?

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Hi Caud,

1. 0HIER_NODE stands for a text node. If you include into hierarchy a char value, you’ll put here just the IO’s name. Repetitions just tell the system the name of the object included. Since we include several values of the same IO, the name is repeated.

2. Because all these IOs are under the same node: TNODE3.

3. Link – link nodes, see here:

First row, TNODE1, is a text node. It has one child, #2 (TNODE2), the next text node. TNODE1 has no Next ID, that’s why there is no further nodes on the same level.

Second row, TNODE2, is a text node. It’s a child of TNODE1, and situated under it. It has first child, #9. The next node on the same level is #3, TNODE3 text node.

3rd row, #9 is a child of TNODE2, and situated under it. It has no childs. The next node on the same level is #10, what means that #10 a child of TNODE2.

4th row, #10 is a child of TNODE2, and situated under it, and after #9. It has no childs. There is no next node on the same level for parent node, what means that #10 is a last child of TNODE2.

4. I just trying to show alive data for a hierarchy. ‘Cause it may not be clear what all these IDs and names mean.

For load through PSA you'll have just another mandatory set of columns in a file:

Just pick up the principle and it'll be easier.

5. Profit center hierarchy is a hierarchy built on profit center IO. The ways to design may differ. For example, you may include into hierarchy built on one IO another IOs (external char values):

Best regards,


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Message was edited by: Eugene Khusainov

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This thread might help you:

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Thanks, but I did not seem to get it well from the link.

Additional examples may help.


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Yes, I have been struggling with tghat link the entire afternoon but don't seem to get the example.

I can't get how they mmoved form the table to the diagram.

Please refer to their table and diagram and see if you can explain the example "Structuring a Simple Hierarchy File" to me.

How the 7n NodeIDs and the various columns and their entried fit into the provided diagram.