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Any factors that Development Components cannot be imported?

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Dear all experts,

I am new to Webdynpro development. I have tried to open a webdynpro program developed by other developer before.

1. Copy the source code under my documents and settings, e.g. d:\Documents and Settings\xxx\.dtc\LocalDevelopment\DCs\

2. Select File > Import and then select Development Components and logon my account to server. Supposing the component would be appeared under Local as usual. However, this time, I cannot see the component imported.

May I know do you have any idea for about? Thank you very much!

Best regards,


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Answers (4)

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Dear all,

We could now open the program by Netweaver Studio. However, we got this error when we tried to deploy the program. Please kindly share yr thought, thanks!

Error 500

Application error occurred during request processing. The requested deployable object 'com.chrms.crystal/pmp_approve_appraisals' and application 'App_ApprvAprsl' are not deployed on the server. Please check the used URL for typos.

Exception id: [001CC45FC0A6001D0000000C00001144000464D1CF3B0FDC]



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You can export the DC present in the developer system and then import that .sca file into your System.

Then refresh the Developement Component.

Now right click the DCs available and select Create Project if it is available.

In the next step right click on the DC and select sync Used DCs.

Then Build and Deploy the DCs.

If you have any problem (errors) while Syncing or Building check the error log for Missing DCs.

For any guidance on importing and exporting the Development Component follow this link.


Note: The Developement Configuration package should be same in both the systems.



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Hello Anne

1.Simplest is take the worksapce from the old developer system and open it in your system

Select file --Switch workspace --provide worksapce root

2. If u want to take the source code of development then Create new DC in your workspace and copy only src folder from DC(developed by other developer) (Simple copy paste operation ) rebuild your dc .

(no need to do any file --import)

3.Further u might get problem of deployment for this delete the existing application and create one new application.

Best Regards

Satish Kumar

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The correct way to import the project is :

1)create a dc on your local development.

2)go to the created project by other developer--> go to comp folder>select all components inside it except .dcdef and .project file --> copy --->paste into the --comp folder of the project created by you.

3)build and deploy.

This will definitely work.