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Another Complication: Flat Hierarchy File for Loading (PSA)

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Hello Experts,

I have encountered another issue with the "Flat Hierarchy File for Loading (PSA)" links on

Node ID-InfoObjectNodeName----









In the above diagram, the difficulty I am facing is that, in my diagram, Egypt must have both BestGroups and UnsecuredShops as its parents.

Can I do 8 and 9 as above for parent ID? If not, how do I resolve this problem in the file?

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Amanda,

Here some explanations on p. 5.

When you create transfer rules for hierarchies you arrive at the screen that, though, named as TRs, actually shows hierarchy attributes with some tech info.

Click on ‘Datasource/Tran/ Structure’ tab and you’ll be able to select attributes you need. Those attributes mainly determine options for hierarchy manipulations when shown/designed in a BEx query:

Click here on ‘Hier. Structure’ button, give name and description of the hierarchy. In the next screen give a hierarchy version (if it is version-dependent) .If you need to check some flags (Sorted Hierarchy, Interval, time-dependent etc.), do it. After that you’ll see the structure of the flat file that the system expects for uploading.

The structure is described here:

If you check ‘Resolve Leaf values and Node infoobjects’ flag (named as ‘Remove Leaf Value and Node InfoObjects’ or ‘Expand Leaf Values and Node InfoObjects’ flag in different screens of help), then you’ll be able to load hierarchy attributes separately and do not provide NODENAME, LEAFFROM and LEAFTO as described in p.5 .

If you don’t check this flag, then NODENAME will accept compounded key (if infoobject has compunding attributes), as I described in your previous thread about hierarchies.

In the PSA tab of RSA1 under your infoobject with hierarchy you can find 5 assignment of source system, and under some of them – PSA. Look at data and it’ll be more clear what the file structure the system expects during load. Though, some of the fields in PSA maintenance don’t have to be in a file. They are just service fields.

You can edit data in PSA (if they are not loaded into data target) and then upload.

Hope, now it’s more clear.

Best regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Thanks so much, the links were very helpful.

but in a related matter, a link you provided some time ago:

about uploading hierarchies from flat files have given me a lot of headache.

I am still stuck at step "5. Maintaining the hierarchy:"

I can't seem to get the table in step 5. Is this something I am supposed to create or the system is suppossed to create it?

I thought once you create you flat file in a certain format, you load it and it creates the hierarchy for you.

I have create my source system, InfoSource, Assigned the Source System to the InfoSource, It then states that "PSA transfer method: The transfer methods and the communication structure are also generated here."

Step 5 is where it seems to be making a link to the Flat file I have created but I don't get it and I will appreciate some expalnation.

Thanks in advance.