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Anonymous scheme overwriting logged on user?

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Recently we upgraded to SAP Enterprise Portal 7.0 SP 23, and, after implementing Anonymous Logon as per note 837898 we can't work in KM. The issue is rather strange: I login as an administrator user, I can go anywhere in KM, I can create folders or files anywhere in KM, but I cannot assign permissions or change properties anymore. It seems that the configured anonymous authentication schemes in "Content Administration > Portal Content > Portal Content > Portal Users > Standard Portal Users > Standard User Role" (PCD) are taking the precedence over the actual logged on user.

Setting authentication scheme of those iViews to 'default' allows modification of properties and such, but, obviously, anonymous users cannot access content anymore.

The configuration worked well in previous service packs, any ideas how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Edited by: Ilya Deryabin on Jan 20, 2011 4:55 PM

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Hello, Lorcan!

No, the issue we have is very different from the described in the note. We do not get any errors or popups, just some KM iViews, whose authorization scheme I change to 'anonymous' per note 837898, think they're running in 'anonymous' mode even if the currently logged on user is an administrator.

Best regards,


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Hi Ilya,

I still think this note will resolve the issue, there seems to have been a few side affects of the bug for which this note was originally written and I believe this is one of them, it's similar to symptom B in the note where favorites were added to the anonymous user instead of the currently logged on user, in your scenario the system thinks you're logged on as an anonymous user as well.

I think the problem here is that the note doesn't describe every possibile scenario where this bug could cause issues.

As it is fixed by applying a patch rather than a whole SP upgrade I think it would be worthwhile trying this on your development or test system.



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You were right Lorcan! Even though the note description is quite different from what we have, the patch did help, thanks a lot!

Best regards,