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Annotation sap:nullable in ABAP RAP OData

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We have an OData service built using service binding according to ABAP RAP. Is it possible to add annotations like sap:nullable, sap:filterable etc. to a property of an entity of this service?

In SEGW-based OData service, we can do this by selecting the checkboxes or by redefining method define of MPC_EXT. What is the recommended way of achieving the same in ABAP RAP OData service?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Sumit,

There is no option to set these annotations directy.

You can only implicitly influence the annotations using appropriate coding in your

a) behavior definition / behavior projection

in BDEF you define whether your BO supports, create, update, delete and in the projection you specify which of these features are published

b) metadata extension file

c) projection view (here you would set something like @consumption.valuehelp

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Hi Andre, just to follow up. I'm currently porting a SEGW based service over to RAP. I have hierarchy view that is bound to a tree table. In SEGW i had to manually set the hierarchy-node-for, hierarchy-level-for etc... via the MPC_EXT DEFINE() method. but I cannot figure out how to do this via a Service Binding.... any ideas?

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