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Anding of the Input Variables in a BEx Query

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I have following scenario: If the report is executed by user1, then one set of shipto's should be visible (also if that user enters a valid shipto, then only that should be visible) AND if the report is executed by user2, then any shipto's should be visible.

If I take two input variables for Shipto, one of them I give to user for input and the other I populate in the exits (I_Step = 1) by checking the user type and populate the 2nd input variable accordindgly then the list of shipto's for that user is given.

The PROBLEM occurs when the user also enters a Shipto, then the Output shows: List of Shipto's derived thru the exit plus the ones that user has entered, WHEREAS it should be that if the user has entered a Shipto then only that should be visible, i.e. it should be an 'AND' operation not 'OR' between two variables.

I hope this can be achieved by some way. If you have an idea about the same, it will be of Great Help.

Many thanks for your help.

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Hi Sumita,

Can you try to use an authorisation variable in the query. This way the users can see only the shipto's they are authorised to. You could try this as work around.

Hope it helps.

Kind regards,


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Hi Sumita,

I think concept Valueset can be used here.

You define your values of "shipto" for user in a table and than accordingly you can use this in BEx.

I will see if I can find some more solutions.

Hope this helps.