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Analytical list page not working after changing filter values or performing any actions on screen.

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Hi Experts,

I created an Analytical List Page using Fiori Elements with default compact filters and it is not on HANA rather the backend services are in ECC ERP NW 7.5, first time Chart and table loads correctly but when I re-select the filter or perform any action on screen like change Chart type, select table fields, both Chart and table are not displayed and my X-axis is date with edm.DateTime and I have re-defined MCP_EXT to annotate the date to SAP Date format , inspite of that X-axis shows only first plot with correct value and rest of the values are plotted correctly but X-axis is displaying incorrect dimension values.

I tried the same with OVP analytical card and graph gets plotted correctly and works perfectly!

So basically I am facing two issues with ALP ,

1. Chart and table getting displayed correctly on click of "Go" for the first time but not getting displayed after filter re-selection or any action done on the screen

2. Graph with date as X-axis plots only first point with correct value and rest of the values are plotted correctly but X-axis is displaying incorrect dimensions.

I am not sure if I am missing something while creating ALP, any help is much appreciated.

For both OVP and ALP same service and entityset is used!

1 .OVP - Analytical card, working fine with correct dimension and values.

2. ALP - Everything is fine on first time load only problem is X-axis in chart plotting is correct but values in X-Axis are incorrect , like after Jan 03 2023 , it is again plotting 03, 04 , 05.

3. After changing filter values or selecting chart type or doing any action on screen, table and chart is not displayed, in the screen shot below I selected Bar type chart.

4. Console.log

Thanks and Regards,

Sindhu S

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I am also facing the same issue.

In my scenario, I am using SAP Fiori Elements Analytical Page using CDS with Parameters.

On loading the application and on providing selection filter for the first time, the results are populated both in chart and table properly.

But when I change the selection filter and retrigger the GO action, both the chart and table are frozen with no data being displayed.


Not sure if we can use Analytical page with CDS and parameters?

I dont see much help on SAP blogs for the same. Can anyone help?