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Analytic Model ODATA


Hi guys,

did anyone manage to query an Analytic Model via ODATA? This should be possible as of the newest Datasphere wave, but I'm just getting: {"status":500,"message":"A server error has occurred"}

Additional Info:

- I'm using the following syntax - is it wrong?:
https://[tenant subdomain][space]/[asset]/[asset]

- Analytic Model is working and showing data in Datasphere Preview

- relational consumption of a view (not AM) works via odata works for me with the same syntax as above (replacing "analytical" with "relational")

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @irodin10 ,

Have you been able to solve the issue. 

I'm having a similar problem. I'm not able to get the analytical odata service work:

When calling 
"<datasphere host>/api/v1/dwc/consumption/analytical/SAP_CONTENT/SAP_POS_L_Analysis/SAP_POS_L_Analysis?$select=retailStorId"

I get this error:
"status": 500,
"message": "A server error has occurred"