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Analysis authorizations and planning functions

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Dear experts!

I want that my users can not display certain data (e.g. a version) in a query, but they should be able to read this data in a planning function (e.g. formula, which reads this version to copy it to another version).

Is there a way to tailor the authorizations to reach the above described scenario?

By the way there seems to be no way to trace analysis authorizations used in planning functions.

Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers Michael

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As I understand you want user not be able to update data for particular IO MD values (defined as auth relevant) in input ready query, but on other hand this user be able to execute planning sequence in this unauthorized data ?

I affraid it is impossible, but you can try the next workaround:

Define process chain that runs this planning sequence and set in process chain user for execution with full authorizations.

Then user with restricted authorizations able to update only authorized data, but on pressing on any button ()let's say "Copy to another version") this user can run process chain, and this process chain has full authorization.

It is possible only if you are in BI7 (let's say in WAD7 there is command EXECUTE_PROCESS_CHAIN).

I don't think it is a good idea because executing planning sequences in PC may cause to locking problems and there is no possibility to define data binding for PC.