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Analysis authorization Union problem

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Hello Experts,

We have very bad problem in our project and I hope that you can advise me how can be solved.

We want User "A" to be authorized to see certain values for Query 1 and other values in Query 2 for GL Account characteristics. We made two analysis authorizations with the restrictions for the queries, but the system makes an union between them and the User A has access to all of the combinations.

Can you give me some hints how to solve this problem.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Marin,

Have you tried, creating two different roles with two different queries and respective values. it may solve your problem.



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Hi Vijay,

Thanks for replay,

I tried with two roles, but no success.

I think that in the new concept, the union is created even there are different roles.

The only way when there was a success in splitting the union was when the one query I created over one multi provider and the second over another. Then in both analysis objects i restrict the multi providers that they are relevant to. But I am still wondering if there any possibility to split the union when the queries are made over one multi provider.

I am not sure if the characteristics in 0bi_all can help me for restriction. For example i saw that there is a special object for restricting a queries, but it won't work when i tried.

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