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Analysis Authorization - Relevance for BI Support Pack 19

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Hello Everyone,

Currently, we are at BI 7.0 Support Pack level 13 (SAPKW0013). We are planning to apply Support Pack 19 in order to stay up to date with the maintenance effort and also at the same time avoid all the issues with BI 7.0 objects due to inconsistencies.

We are using the Obsolete concept of authorizations as we have not upgraded to Analysis Authorizations yet.

But would like to confirm if Analysis Authorizations would be pre-requisite to apply the Support pack. If it is a Pre-requisite starting which Support pack is it a pre-requisite.

Any help would be really appreciated.



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Answers (2)

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Thanks for the details.


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Dear Dharma,

I going to try help you about your question,

Until moment, you can decide whether or not user the new authorization concept in BI 2004s system. Where you can set up this, in the tcode SPRO Sap NetWeaver  Business Intelligence  Settings for Reporting and Analysis  General Settings for Reporting and Analysis  Analysis Authorizations: Select Concept. For this reason you can apply Support Pack 19 and keep all concepts Reporting Authorization Object (RSSM) instead the Analysis Authorization (RSECAUTH). But the in the short time, SAP recommend migrated from de old to new concept, for this reason that you mentioned, avoid inconsistent with the new authorization object, like portal, APD, WAD and other.

You can find more information in following summary regarding this issue:

SAP BI - User Management & Authorizations

OSS Note 923176

The old SAP BW 3.x authorizations concept will continue to exist in SAP NetWeaver 2004s for compatibility reasons, but it will be removed completely in the next release. You should no longer use features to be discontinued in new implementations. SAP recommends that you change to the new concept, which is also the default setting.

OSS Note 1125108

You can find information regarding the necessity of the change to

the new 7.0 authorization concept in the following places:

1. Note 923176.

2. BI 7.0 online documentation in the section "Data Warehouse Management -> Authorizations -> Analysis Authorizations: support will no longer be provided for the old concept."

3. NetWeaver Release Information: "Analysis authorizations for BI Reporting (New)".

4. The dialog box that is displayed each time you call obsolete transaction RSSM.

I hope this information give you a helping landscape about your question,