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An internal error while calling the 'process variable' API. I'm getting this error while creating a variable in Webi

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Hi Guys,

We have recently upgraded our service pack for BOBJ XI 3.1 SP3 to SP6. After the upgrade some variables are missing and we are getting =????? in the place of variable.

I facing two issues with variables in Webi.

1. While trying to create a variable in webi and saving it i'm getting "An Internal Error while calling the "processVariable" API" error.

2. Even after some how creating the Variable and saving the webi, when we reopen the webi the variable is gone and it is displaying #SYNTAX in place of variable.

Please advise on resolving this issue.



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Hi All,

I got this issue because of the service pack upgrade . I observed that for the universe on which this webi is built has property changed for one class. The property was changed to hide. This happened to only one class(Surprise !!!!).This universe is built on BEx query.

So i had to unhide the class export it and delete the variables in the webi and recreate them, this solved my issue. This is a pain in the butt but i have no other solution. This issue occurred only for one universe and  only to one class in the universe (Lucky me).


Anil Vadde