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An error occurred when refreshing the XI runtime cache

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i did what is written in note 764176 but to no avail.

t-code sxi_cache shows

unable to refresh cache contents

error during chache refresh.

when double clicking this error

error category is blank.

error id is update.

can anyone help me with this please.

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Answers (4)

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Thanx vijay and sunitha,

it started working.

thanx again

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thanx sunitha and vijay i did what u said but now i am getting another error. i am trying to solve it.

this is the error:

HTTP response contains status code 500 with the description Internal Server Error


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Hi sas ya,

When you do the test connection and its output is something like this.


~response_line HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error

~server_protocol HTTP/1.1

~status_code 500

~status_reason Internal Server Error

connection close

Than it should work. You can go ahead with your other setting.



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hi vijay,

i am executing the demo example . when i execute the check flight availability example i get the above error. and when checking the configuration again, it asked to change the prefix to /sap/xi/engine?type=entry.


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Hi Sas ya,

you can check this link.

or try this

Check the RFC Destination


After deleting this destination an create it again

everything work fine. This step is very errornous. Take care not to hit the enter key when specifying the user

and password.

Do exactly the same step as describe in the Installation

guide. The hint that it will not works is when you test

the connection and the system prompt you for user and

password again even if you have specified this data

already. In this case you do it wrong. Delete the RFC-

Destination an create it again and again until the test will not prompt you for user and password again!

In the xi "installation guide" you can find section:

"Creating RFC Destinations in the ABAP Environment"


take a look at tab:

Tab: Security/Logon

and text:

Save your entry now, before you switch to next tab, otherwise your entries may be lost.

if you're sure that is was done in a proper way (click by click) no need for change but only if you're sure:)

Select Basic Authentication Confirm both the popup and the warning.

• As logon data enter the client of your SAP XI system and the user XIISUSER with the valid password

Save your entry now, before you switch to next tab, otherwise your entries may be lost. Press Enter to go to the next screen.

Or You can follow the links to solve your problem.

Hope this helps.



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Check whether your destination <b>"INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI"</b> in sm59 is working properly or not.

The path prefic sholud be <i><b>/dir/CacheRefresh</b></i> and in the <i>Logon/Security</i>tab, the user should be XIISUSER.

If any of the entry is in-correct , change and test.

And the check sxi_cache

Hope that will solve your problem.