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An Deploy Problem about Credentials.

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Hi everyone,

I face an problem when deploy my web dynpro project,

my studio use the Administrator user to login and eccur error information belong,

i want to change it to admin,how can i do ?

2006-7-6 13:09:38 /userOut/deploy ( [Thread[Deploy Thread,5,main]] ERROR: 
[001]Deployment aborted 

SDM host : redapple05
SDM port : 50118
URL to deploy : file:/C:/DOCUME~1/ADMINI~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/temp3731JCats_wdp.ear

=> deployment aborted : file:/C:/DOCUME~1/ADMINI~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/temp3731JCats_wdp.ear
Aborted: development component 'JCats_wdp'/'local'/'LOKAL'/'0.2006.':
Caught exception while checking the login credentials for SAP J2EE Engine. Check whether the SAP J2EE Engine is up and running. ERROR: Cannot connect to Host: [redapple05] with user name: [Administrator] 				Check your login information. 				Exception is: Exception while trying to get InitialContext. [Root exception is Cannot authenticate the user.]
 (message ID:

Deployment exception : The deployment of at least one item aborted

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can change from

NWDS Menu>> Create/Export PAR file >>select the particular file >> next>> select deploy PAR >> clcik on configure server setting >> add the server details like alias, server host,port,then login as ADMIN >> press ok>>applay >>enter the password >> clcik finish


Jawahar Govindaraj

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Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Hi ervryone:

Thank ereryone. I just do the same to Vito and have also inserted BasicPasswordLoginModule to service.naming and now I'm able to deploy too.

best regard


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I can login the GUI use the Administrator user,i have checked the port,it is correct.The state of Server display in NWDS all is normal.

Is there anybody have good suggestion about it?



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hi Jawahar .

The project i using is web dynpro so i think it can't deploy the par file.

i try the way member by other ,bu still cat't settle out my problem.

best regard.

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Please check if the sdm user is locked or not. If Yes, you need to unlock the user using administrator/superadministrator user.

if No, then there is a problem with the password. You may have to reset the password and try again.

Also check if the port number you have specified for SDM is correct or not



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I assume that you are using NWDS for deploying your webdynpro java application.

Usually for deploying a webdynpro project i follow these steps...

1. Goto Windows->preferences.

2. Goto SAP J2EE Engine

3. Give your Servername

4. Give the port at which your server listens.(Default 3601)

5. Click Ok.

6. Deploy your application

7. It will ask for your SDM Password.

8. Give your SDM Password.(To get the SDM Password Contact your server administrator).

To get more assistance,

Post this question in webdynpro section.

Hope it helps you.



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