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Ambiguity issue in a Cost Center Hierarchy after data replication via web services

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Hello Experts,

We are getting an error as "When processing HXXXX the following errors occurred" in target web message while replicating newly created cost centers from MDG-F application to target system using SOA. Due to this, the assigned hierarchy HXXXX is having an ambiguity issue in target system.

Below are the steps we followed:

1. Go to "NWBC - Finance Controlling - Cost Center - New button"

2. Enter the cost center details along with hierarchy assignment under HXXXX hierarchy - KXXXXX group) and submit the CR

3. After all approvals, Data has been sent from MDG to target systems

In Target System, the new Cost center has been created initially with defined standard hierarchy as "Area - HXXXX" and after few seconds the assigned hierarchy HXXXX has been sent from MDG with only the delta changes which means KXXXXX group data and the replication fails. When we check the hierarichy HXXX in target system using KSH3 - there is an ambiguity issue, the newly created cost center is assigned under top node HXXXX and also the group KXXXXX.

Can anyone suggest the reason behind to it.



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