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ALV Problem...Please help

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Hi All,

I am trying to build this application in webdynpro where my users can modify ODS table durectly using this alv application. I want them to display , delete and modify the rows of the active ODS table.

I selected alv to display the data in the tabular form which also has an inbuild feature of filter and sort and so. I also created the a group of button and feilds where my users can modify the contents,if neccesary.

I have bound both group and the alv grid to the same context.

Now when I select any row in the alv it gets populated the the fields below which is great. For example if I selected row with Username :: BW110, all the group fields will get populated with that row.

The problem is that if i select BW110 (so curretly the active row in alv and the fields in the group have same credentials with username:: BW110....until now there is no filter applied) and now when i try to filter the alv grid with some other username it gives me code dump. I just dont have any idea y is it doing it.

Also, If i try to filter it with the username which is active i.e BW110 in my example then it works fine.

Please help.



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This is no answer, but what you are trying to achieve is very similar to what i am doing now.

Maybe we can share some information.

First of all i am trying to get this as generic as possible. (Partly because it should be easier to maintain the program from somebody else, partly just because i have a feeling how it should be, (ok but who cares...))

At the moment i am struggling with the validation of the data for the dso.

It is easy to test the data in the on check event, but if you press the check button again and no data has been changed, the on check event is not called.

So i have looked in the sample code, and there is a valid check for the CARRID, were the error is presented everytime. This is functional because there is a check table assigned in ALV_T_T2 and the reference field and structure is set in the webdynpro. Unfortunately the tables of the dso and the infoobjecttables have no check table assigned.

At the moment i am trying to figure out:

.)Can i send and error message to the alv?

.)Is there a way to check whenever i press the check button? (Maybe override the standartfunctionality? I guess this could be the way)

.)Can i simply make the alv believe it has changed, when i press the check button (changing the field with the same value is not working)?

.)Will it be better to use a normal table and forget about alv tables?

That's the ideas i have at the moment. Personally i don't understand why the on data check event is not called all the time, with empty tables in r_param.

So any help would be great.

If we are doing the same this will be very helpful.

P.S. the thread with my question