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I'm using the event handle_data_changed for the alv-grid to check the data with a certain logic. This works fine.

There is also an event handle_data_changed_finished. What does this do? Does anyone use this en could you give me an example.

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As far as my experience goes, the event HANDLE_DATA_CHANGED_FINISHED will be invoked when all the checks (also those programmed in the event HANDLE_DATA_CHANGED) have passed. That means, as you probably know, you can call the pop-up error protocol from within the handler method for the HANDLE_DATA_CHANGED, in which case the event HANDLE_DATA_CHANGED_FINISHED will not be reached if any error messages are in that protocol.

The other good thing about the event HANDLE_DATA_CHANGED_FINISHED is that by this time the internal table with ALV data will be updated.

Hope this helps. Regards.

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off course, this two event is different.

HANDLE_DATA_CHANGED will trigger, when a change done on the ALV, and the inputted is finished.

You can get the date user inputted in the ALV, before the ALV do the validation check.(it is the critical point)


It will trigger when the change finished, it means the ALV has done its validation. The error inputted will be remove, you can't get the error inputted from this event. You can only get the valid inputted. So if all of the inputted is error, in this event, ALV will deal with it as no change!

That's all I know about this two event difference.

Hope it will useful, thanks a lot

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check out this document easy reference for alv grid control.pdf



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