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Altert configuration for SAP ECC system

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Any one share step by step document for Altert configurtion for ECC system.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Find the below doc on CCMS:-

Hope its helpful.



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Hi Himanshu,

  I am planning for configuration availability of all applications through solution manager.

Suppose my dev system have 1 applications with 4 clients if application failed i need mail from solution manager.

I done few steps i.e rfc connections from dev 000 to solm 000 vice versa.

then rz21 activate btc jobs , dev system also & create conf file from solm paste in to run directory then run in dev system SAPCCM4x . in this phase i am getting error102 logon failure.

This process is right or not .

please send me step by step process.

This task is completed end of the week so please understand the situation



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Dear Himanshu,

  I configured CCMSPING availability in CEN system.

All configuration done but i didn't get a mail from other system so please where can i go troubleshoot this issue.

brief description about the steps as i followed.

Logon to 000 client with Full authoriztions
Activating Background Dispatching
Activate central system dispatching in CEN
Creating the CSMREG User in Both the systems using rz21
Creating the CSMCONF Start File for CCMS Agents using Rz21 in CEN
Entering Monitored ABAP Systems in CEN
Scheduling Jobs to Display Statistics Data in both the systems Using Sm36
Register CCMSPING in CEN System for Availability Monitoring with CCMSPING
Setting Up Availability Monitoring with CCMSPING in CEN using Rz21
Setting Up Auto-Reaction method  in CEN using Rz21
Setting Up Monitoring Template in CEN using RZ20

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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You have to provide complete details for the correct help from the community...

which version of SAP solman you are using? plenty of how-tos guide available under -

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Dear Sunil,

I am planning to do with CCMS.

For altert configuration for all daily activities tcodes.

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Hi Ashish,

I have solmon7.0 ehp1 in windows environment and  having dev,qas,prd,dr,solm and my requirement is

if any server goes down i need mail from Solmon.

first dev to solmon they given task.

i prepared some steps from

that are create rfc connections from dev 000 to solm 000 vice versa them i create conf file & CSMREG user in both systems then i run SAPCCM4x after provide all the details its thrown error .

please suggest me how can i configure availability monitoring of dev system and post me step by step process.