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I am trying to create a concept for Alert Monitoring on XI and other 3 FI systems which have the XI plugin.

I am testing the scenario where I am going to receive emails - my concern is how I am going to distinguish from which system this alert came.

Is it necessary to define also a category on FI system in alrtcatdef? How to "transport" this information to the XI system?

Do you have some suggestions?

Thanks for you help.

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Answers (2)

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currently it is obviously necessary to use a combo in monitoring - ALM + CCMS

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what you can do is set up the CCMS monitoring on all systems and send the notification with the SID in.

this is an example messages i receive:

Alert ID: ##02371##

ALERT for MTE: PIQ \ SAP_CCMS_vsapps2piqc01_PIQ_21 \ IEngine_PIQ_001 Integration Server \ Category OUTBINDING \ Message alerts by Error Codes

Alert Details:

Alert Text : Error code: CO_TXT_OUTBINDING_ERROR error text: Problem occurred in receiver agreement for sender -ECQ_QAS to receiver -ECQ_QAS,

Alert Color : RED

Alert Severity: 50

System : PIQ

Segment : SAP_CCMS_vsapps2piqc01_PIQ_21

Date : 22.09.2009

Time : 12:01:01 ( GMTUK )

Uniqnum : 0000973008

Alindex : 0000000510

Client : 001


Alert ID: ##02548##

ALERT for MTE: ECQ \ SAP_CCMS_vsapps2ecqc01_ECQ_11 \ Transactional RFC and Queued RFC \ Int. Server Outbound Messages (XBTO*) \ Blocked queues: Client 100

Alert Details:

Alert Text : Blocked inbound queue: Client 100 Q name XBTO1___0000 status RUNNING dest vsapps2ecqc01_ECQ_11

Alert Color : RED

Alert Severity: 0

System : ECQ

Segment : SAP_CCMS_vsapps2ecqc01_ECQ_11

Date : 29.09.2009

Time : 11:24:09 ( GMTUK )

Uniqnum : 0000989378

Alindex : 0000000345

Client : 000


so the same server has notified me of a blocked queue on ECQ and a failure in PIQ.

these use the auto reaction method to trigger the event and you can systems easily.

this blog should help:


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I am aware of the possibility to use the CCMS monitoring. I would like to implement the Alert monitoring, am little bit surprised that there is no description for such case in the manuals.

There is the Central Monitor on XI, you have satelite SAP systems and there is almost no description how to do that (reasonably).

What is confusing you can run the ta ALRTCATDEF on FI system if you have the XI plugin installed.

In ta ALRCATDEF I can perform almost nonsense tweaking ( e.g. tons of clasifications, categories) but there is no possibility

to control how you gonna receive those alerts ( in technical terms).

CCMS is more complex and bulkier, requires some previous knowledge, sap basis authorisations which makes it a second choice in this case.

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But Alerting will not notify you of half as much as CCMS.

it's about using the right tool for the job...

and CCMS always works with very little extra knowledge...

but i was Basis in a previous life....

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You are right, thanks.