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ALM Test execution - test case for multiple testers

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Hi dear experts,

please bear with me, I have finally managed to set up the CALM for testing purposes in implementation project which makes me very happy:-) Now I am studying various manuals and extensively use Public ALM - great!

One question bothers me on my progress - what is the logic for assigning the same test cases (same scope, requirements) to numerous testers? This is what I need in the project - one feature has to be tested by many different country test users and what I see - the test case execution status changes upon the first execution and it seems the users cannot work on the same item. Do u have experience how to solve this? Any setup, like grouping etc. required? Makes really no sense to create the same test cases numerous times to track the execution progress;-)

EC Implementation global test cases - to be tested by each country - shouldn't be a rarity, I hope..

Highly appreciate your help and expertise:-)

Thanks and kind regards,


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Hello everyone, everything good?

I'm having the same problem right now.

I need to create a group of testers for a specific test plan, but I'm not finding a way to put this group, because in the test plan there is only the option to put one person in charge. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Where can I put these various people? Could you help?


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Hello, same problem from my side.