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All JCO's Disabled

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Dear All,

Till yesterday we were having around 100 concurrent portal users and portal was running fine, as sson as the user base went to 300 the portal started giving 500 internal server error.

Our basis persons optimised the R/3 and set max users to 1000 and in EP in the Config tool there tried to increase the Server Node and restarted the cluster.

Due to which now the portal is not working and we are getting the following error. Failed to resolve JCO destination name 'SAP_R3_SelfServiceGenerics_MetaData' in the SLD. No such JCO destination is defined in the SLD.

i checked SLD test it is up and seems to be fine, One thing i noticed that when i click Maintain JCO destinations all the JCO's are inactive in it and none of it is green.

How do i activate these JCo's again as previous, please guide.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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please goto SLD home and START server.

there is some misconfig in your extra node adding, ask your basis guy to define PUBLIC group in r/3 too.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hello SJ,

Please check you administrator user id & Pwd.

Try to login with the same. If the user is locked / password has expired reset it.

Also check that the password is updated in SLD service.

Thanks & Regards,


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First check SLD connection. If it is fine then ok. If not,

Go with the - Maintain Jco destination and create all while copying the same names.

Once you created with the same names just complete all while pinging...

But your problem seems to be a performance issue...however that how you will have to do...


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You need to delete and recreate Technical Systems which has been created for WebAs for Java & WebAs for ABAP under SLD.


After recreating this you should be able to maintain JCO's and JCo's will be active.


Karthick Eswaran