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Alignment on hdi-deploy and cds deploy in BAS


Dear community,

In our projects we're trying to align the execution of the following commands/actions:

  1. BAS plugin SAP HANA PROJECTS deploy (rocket button)
  2. hdi-deploy
  3. cds deploy --vcap-file (beta)
  4. cds deploy

We are using multiple hdi resources and want to use a personal deployment resource in hana (_## schema) for the database development.

    This seems to run hdi-deploy and set the TARGET_CONTAINER correctly and as such run as expected.
  • hdi-deploy
    In order to run this we create a default-env.json and add the TARGET_CONTAINER in there. This works as expected.
  • cds deploy --vcap-file (beta)
    This doesn't work. It fails to pass on the TARGET_CONTAINER in the default-env.json and as such the hdi-deploy fails with multiple hdi services.
    Error: More than one HDI service found, but no service is defined as the deployment target via the environment variable "TARGET_CONTAINER"
  • cds deploy
    This works, but not as we like. Basically this deploys directly into the "actual" deployed DEV hdi_resource. Unlike the behaviour in WebIDE or with the SAP HANA PROJECTS build option it "ignores" making a "_##" schema.


  1. Is there a way to change the default cds (deploy) behaviour so a new developer doesn't accidentally overwrite the "actual" DEV deployment? For example some option in package.json or cdsrc.json?
  2. Is there a workaround for cds deploy --vcap-file so it passes the TARGET_CONTAINER in some other way to the hdi-deploy?

Any ideas are appreciated 🙂


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Hi Dennis,

I would suggest to also raise an incident via SAP Support to address this issue.

Best Regards

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gregorw according to SAP Support this is consulting not support. (761824 / 2021)

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