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Alerts: customizing links in "Optional Subseq. Activities"

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Dear experts,

I have gone through blogs and forum threads but could not get an answer to my question.

Hopefully someone has an idea. I am trying to customize the links in alerting for the "Optional Subseq. Activities".

I have a link that takes me into the Runtime Workbench to a certain message and it looks like this:


So at the end there is the GUID of the message.

Now I would like that link in my alert and created the following:


Please look at "=&SXMS_MSG_GUID&" at the end - I thought the message ID would automatically put there but it does not work!

Do you know how I have to make the link, so the GUID is at the end of my link in the alert?

Thank you!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Peter.

If you receive this Alert Message from PI INTERFACE MESSAGE, this LINK of "Optional Subseq. Activities" is default and you can´t change it. But you can add a new "Subseq. Activities" for it through ALRTCATDEF transaction.

Now, if you throw Alert Message by function (RFC), you can change entire link.

Above the help description about this:

On the Optional Subsequent Activities tab page, you can enter URLs for subsequent activities. If you trigger your alerts by calling a function module, you can also specify dynamic subsequent activities. For more information, see Triggering by Calling a Function Module Directly in Triggering Alerts.

Help link:



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