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Alert rules for SFTP adapter

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Hello Experts,

Could anyone let me know, how to create alerts for SFTP adapter Module bean level.

  • We have created Alerts at Adapter level for SFTP Adapter, and we are able to get Alerts if any  error occurs at TCP/IP level which means like if the file name is incorrect or folder path or server details incorrect.
  • But unable to get any Alerts if the same happens at Module level in PI  7.1

Thanks in Advance...

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Can you explain further what you mean by Module Errors?

Is it Modules used in SFTP Adapter causing errors but not triggering alerts?

Or are the modules used in any other channel type?

Also - are you using Classical Alerts or Component Based Message Alerts?



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Hi Bhavesh,

  • We are facing below error in PI 7.1 :

Message processing failed. Cause: Error reading public key

  • Alerts are unable to trigger when there is an error at Module level for SFTP Adapter
  • We are using classical alerts