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Alert parameter functions

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I am trying to set Threshold value for below few parameters so that alerts can be
sent to email address. i could not find what values to be input for below parameters.

From Alert tab, configure check settings ->configure check threshold tab,  i have below parameters

Check index Server allocated heap memory
->I know my index server allocated heap memory, but how to find the percent?
which value has to be decided
Check index Server used heap memory
->simmilarly i know used heap memory for index server, but how to find percent?

Can you tell me where to find the value for below parameters.
Check last save point time(in mintue)
->which parameter values has to be confirmed?
Check Number of connections
->which parameter values has to be confirmed?
Check record count of column table partition
->which parameter values has to be confirmed?
Check size of delta memory
->which parameter values has to be confirmed?
Check table growth of not partitioned column table
->which parameter values has to be confirmed?


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Hi magalingam,

for all the alert checks there are default values defined, that are setup based on the best guesses/experiences from the HANA development.

Now you seem to like to modify these thresholds, but don't know what they mean and how they are obtained? That immediately leads to the question: what would you do then once you get an email with a threshold passed-warning?

For all of the checks there exist system views from which the checked values can be retrieved. That's what the statisticserver is doing to enable the alerting.

If you want to figure out where the statisticserver gets the information you may review the ini-file parameters for the statisticsserver - check those starting with statisticsserver_array_...

hope that helps,