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ALE to Webmethods design

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We are on an older version of R/3 currently, and have one feed through wM currently running in production. This carries orders in to SAP and confirmations back out.

With one eye on what might be available when we move on to one of the latest platforms ECC 5 etc, I am wondering what the best practice is for setting up ALE links from SAP to wM?

Should we look to have a single point of contact - one logical system - between the two systems along which all traffic is sent regardless of purpose or end destination, or is it better to have multiple links - for better visibility/flexibility going forwards perhaps?

I see that one limitation is that for one message type e.g. DESADV, it is limited to one receiving destination.

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated. It isn't obvious to me from the documentation available what the typically chosen design decision is.



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if wM is an non SAP warehouse management

you can use a very good DWMS scenario

you just need to tell which storage locations

in the SAP are managed by DWMS and all movements

(orders, etc) will go to the DWMS




<a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/06/28/xipi-faq-frequently-asked-questions"><b>XI / PI FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions</b></a>

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Thanks Michal,

Though I'm not necessarily sure that the above helps in this instance.

Can you advise how an outbound message type (such as DESADV) can be incorporated into two logical systems and the ALE config be set up so that the correct RFC destination & partner can be determined when the outbound IDOC is generated?

At present a B1 130 message is issued in the output error log stating that too many recipients have been specified.