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AIF Input Parameters - How to access the form interface?

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Hi Experts,

i am trying to integrate Adobe Interactive Forms in SAP Records Management, which is working quite good so far. We implemented a Service Provider which uses an Interactive Form as a document template and uses the KPro document attributes as input.

Now my problem: To implement a more generic approach, i need to automatically read the input parameters for the generated funtion module of the form. I debugged quite a lot, but i cannot find any solution. Is there a dictionary table with the name of the form and its input parameters? Or is there a method/funtion module to find out the input parameters for a specific form?

Thanks for ur support,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jan,

Perhaps function module FP_FIELD_LIST provides already the information you are looking for. It lists the fields which are required for the form context.

Otherwise you may need to use classes like CL_FP_INTERFACE(IF_FP_INTERFACE~GET_INTERFACE_DATA), which returns IF_FP_INTERFACE_DATA. Here, you could call GET_PARAMETERS, then GET_IMPORT_PARAMETERS. The structure of each parameter is of type SFPIOPAR.

How to get the interface reference? You could use CL_FP_WB_HELPER=>INTERFACE_LOAD_FOR_RUNTIME.

CL_FP_WB_HELPER=>FORM_WHICH_INTERFACE_USED returns the name of the interface for a given form.

Hope that helps.

Best regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Andreas,

i almost went crazy starring at the debugger to find a solution ;). I found the parameter-classes too, but couldnt figure out, how to create an object of the class. The CL_FP_WB_HELPER=>INTERFACE_LOAD_FOR_RUNTIME was the missing piece in the puzzle.

Thanks a lot. U made my day today