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AIF Email alerts not showing up in SOST

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Hi Guys,

We are using S/4HANA 1709.

I have configured Email Alert using SAP users (having email in User profile (SU01)), but I am not able to see the alerts in SOST. I used SAP press e-bite - Interface Monitoring and Error Handling with SAP AIF section 4.1, to configure the email alerts. I consulted below link also

I checked in SU01 and email address field is populated. I debugged the function module /AIF/CREATE_ALERT to see where it get the email address from user profile, but could not find it.

Also can anybody tell how we can define external contacts in AIF 4.0.

Please help.

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Hi Manoj,

about your alert issue: Without knowing how your configuration looks like it's hard to tell what is wrong.

A common issue with alerts is that an assignment is missing: check if your recipient is assigned to your AIF interface. Also check if there are users assigned to your recipients.

Best Regards


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Hi Britta, Manoj,

I also did the same configuration, but unable to maintain external contact. Is the issue resolved? I checked I have authorization to the authorization object as well. But the entry is not saving or asking for Transport request details. I also followed the above mentioned link, but unable to see message in SOST. Please help me with this.