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AIF Action Function needs to be called for records which do not have any Structure mapping error

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I just need some guidance on Mass processing. We have AIF where we are using file upload to upload a XML file with header and line item. There are multiple records in the file. This file is assumed by the File Upload program of AIF to be a complex file structure and therefore we are unable to specify the block size. We want the checks in Structure mapping to be run record by record. If a structure mapping for a single record is failing then we want AIF to proceed with the next record and so on. Then the action needs to be called for all records which did not have a mapping error.

However at the moment AIF is not calling action functions if even a single record has mapping errors. As the other records are successfully mapped and as only some records have given error during mapping, I expect the action function to be called for the records which did not have mapping errors. Please if you can guide on how you resolved this issue.

We are on S4HANA 2105 so definitely the latest release of AIF.

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Hi Suhas,

Maybe you are still looking for the solution. You cannot do it what you asked for during file upload. Sorry...

In the interface definition you might specify the init Action which is called at first level before any mapping and actions are executed. In such function you can manipulate raw table by eliminating the records and raising warning messages into AIF log. This will allow process continue to the mapping and action.

The solution proposed by Britta it only make sense when you have non file upload interface, I mean without file adapter and as raw structure you provide a table. The this will work, check will be executed for each line in the source table and continue to the action.


Mateusz Kwasniewski