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AI display in form EAN128 barcode

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I m trying to print an EAN128 bar code in smartforms

I need to display Application identifier into barcode for sscc number

eg: 000000234567892200 as


what do we need setup or add code in SAP

what exactly the changes we need to in SAP



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Answers (2)

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I need to pass Application Identifier ( ) to EAN128barcode in form

Concatenating ' ( )' is not a solution, as it will be passed to barcode scanner as '( )' only

I think we have to send some special chars to barcode scanner,

so that it will understand the intial two chars are Application Identifier

for this we need to do some setup/code in SAP, if anyone knows, please let me know



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Hi Folks

I solved this on my own

I Used >8 before the value , it worked well

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I see that you have solved your issue regarding printing EAN 128 barcode. I am currently printing with Code 128 and thats working fine. But we need to use EAN 128.

How do you use >8 to make it EAN 128 barcode?

Thanks in advance.


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Create a function module and build the logic for your requirement.

eg: 000000234567892200 as (00)0000234567892200

Sample: code

Data: VAR1(19),

Var1 = '00000023456789220'.
Var2+0(1) = '('.
var2+1(2) = var1+0(2).
var2+3(1) = ')'.
var2+4(16) = var1+2(16).

Call above routine before passing the variable to your barcode.

I guess, above logic will help you to close the thread.