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Aggregation Function in Hana Web-based Development Workbench

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Hi Experts,

I am trying to use an aggregation function in a calculation view, however, it does not allow me to choose which columns I want to "Group By" and the result is not showing the proper sum of the measure.

Any idea why?

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Perhaps this is because the aggregation in a calculation view is done dynamically, i.e. you choose the 'non aggregated' (group by) columns when querying the view. This has not much to do with an SQL aggregation where you have to specify the granularity in advance by choosing the non-aggregating fields in the 'GROUP BY' clause.

If you need a certain level of detail (i.e. always force the aggregation node to keep several of the non-aggregated fields) you have to use the 'KEEP FLAG' of those columns which should always be kept at this node level. This can be usefull or even necessary for computing specific averages, min/max values, etc.

hth, WM