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Hi experts

We have a cube on which there are aggregates..we created a multiprovider consisting of 3 cubes in which one cube consists of aggregates...when we execute a query does the OLAP process gets the data from the cube or aggregates?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Annie,

In my opinion, the OLAP processor will go to the appropriate aggregates to fetch the data and if it doesn't find them for the infocube than it will fetch the data from the infocube.

Hope it makes some sense!!!!



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the query which sit on multi-cube can use underlying aggregates on sub-sub if you create query in appropriate way.

Tcode: RSRT to analysis whether the query used aggregate or not.

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hi Annie,

there will be such 'sub query' that fetch data from infocube or aggregate. depend on the query, it will fetch from aggregate or cube, first 'priority' aggregate.

you can use rsrt and 'execute+debug' with option 'display aggregate found' to check if aggregate used. hope this helps.

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Hi Annie.

If create query on multiprovider ,query will be split from OLAP processor,and fetch the date from different cubes and combine send to Bex.if you we have aggregates for the cube ,OLAP processor first hit the Aggregate.



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