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Aggregates Level linked to a Variable

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When someone creates an aggregate, I know, is possible to choose 3 different scenarios:

- All characteristic values ("*"): The data is grouped by all the values of the characteristic or navigation attribute.

- Hierarchy level ("H"): The data is grouped by the hierarchy level node.

- Fixed value (‘F’).

I need to creates an aggregate, to load and delete every day, with characteristic 0CALDAY but not with "Fixed value" Lenvel(Eg. 30/05/2005) but dependent from a variable (Eg. 30/05/2005 today, 31/05/2005 tomorrow, and so on).

Normally, my user, launch query with parameter "0CALDAY - 1", so I would create an aggregates, to load and delete every day, filtered for sy-datum - 1.

Thanks in advanced.


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Hi Alessandro,

if I understood well the matter you would like to change dynamically the definition of an Aggregate in order to run use a "fixed" value for the InfoObject 0CALDAY.

Don't know if it works right (for sure it's not a standard solution), but if you could try to change the definition of your aggregate in table RSDDSTATAGGRDEF (with a little ABAP coding) before running aggregate "loading".

Did you consider a Web Template precalculation? It's simpler and standard functionality to speed up Web Reporting performance ....

Hope it helps