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aggregate roll up

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Hi Guys

I created an aggreagate for a info cube(which had data) which already has a couple of aggregates built on to it.I activated and filled my particular aggregate.My question now is my aggreagate ready for the query to use,or do i have to run "aggregate roll up".

Thanks in advance


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The first set of data in the aggregate is ready for reporting. If you are setting up the automatic roll up in the cube (you'll need to roll up every new request you load) right click on the cube and select Manage. Goto the rollup tab and in there under the menu goto Environments and then click on automatic request processing. You'll get a pop up window and in there check the second checkbox (Roll up data in the aggregate). With this setting, every time a new request comes in, that'll automatically get rolled up and the data in the aggregates available for reporting.



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You probably don't want to set the Automatic aggregate rollp on an InfoCube if you have Requests daily that perform a full load, automatically deleting an idnetical Rques previously loaded earlier (e.g. day before), as this causes the aggregate to have to be refilled completely, and while that should happen automatically, it seems to be problem prone and can take a long time if the base InfoCube is large.


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Hi Rajesh,

The initial aggregates rollup was made when you created the aggregates (what you mean by filling them). Now after a request is loaded into the cube, you should rollup that request into this aggregate. Otherwise, you won't be able to see that data. Check if you have a process in a process chain or the automatic option in manage infocube.

Hope it helps.


Diego Lombardini