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After transports, find many InfoObjects are inactive!

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After all transports are done. Find inside any Transfer Rule, source system/datasource fields are blank (We have asked BASIS to do the source system name mapping settings already). I manually assign the source system/datasource and find many InfoObjects are marked with red tick "X", then I realize that these InfoObjects are inactive.

You guys may know that BW InfoObject dependencies are very complicated. Just wonder how you guys collect all these InfoObjects for transports.

I find a way of massive activations of all InfoObjects manually, but in this way, the Change Request window pops up to prompt you to create change request and I don't the authorizations to create CR on PROD.

Any idea?


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Hi Kevin:

If you want to see whether an IO is activated or not, go to RDS1 and see there.

if you want to activate IO by a program(se38) then use:

RSDG_IOBJ_ACTIVATE. infoobjects = * and infoobject type = %.

and for activating transfer rules go to se38 and :

RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL and give the IS tech name and activate.

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Hi Kevin,

you can not activate the BI contents in the production server. The procedure is to activate them in Dev, move them to QA. Test them in QA and on successful testing, move them to production. This way, you need to create a CR in dev system and move it all the way to Production system.

As you rightly mentioned, you need to maintain the dependencies while transporting the BW contents. I would suggest you follow the following steps.

1. Transport the datasources.

2. Replicate the data sources.

3. TRs, CS, Info Objects, UR and then infoproviders.

This way, you should not ahve any problem. Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards

Subray Hegde