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After transport InfoObject, version revised (not ACTIVE) in test System!

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Hello Members,

Normally i want to test the infoObject in test system before i transport it in PROD. But the infoObject is in revised version after it has been transported from DEV system.

How can i test it in test system with the actual revised version.

After transporting the infoobject (BI content object for which i move the mark lowercase characters)

from dev system to test system, the infoObject (for which i delete first the SID-Table in test system before the transport) is now in version REVISED.

I activate the SID table again. But how can i get the infoObject from REVISED to ACTIVE.

That i change the lowercase character in the infoObject in DEV, i had an error in transport order in test system, so that i had to delete with se14 the sid table in the test system to avoid transport error RC 4 in test system.

Do i have to delete also the sid table in PROD before transport the infoObject in PROD.

Kind regards for your help.


Edited by: Arnaud on Nov 29, 2011 12:50 PM

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Answers (2)

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I think yes, you will have to adjust your table in production as well and after you do the adjustment simply reimport the failed TR. It will activate your infoobject without any issues this time.



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Hi Arnaud,

When we transporting an object from DEV to Quality system we have check whether the objects in the request are

active or not if any one of the objects in the request are inactive we get errors while importing them.

So first try to activate all objects present in the request i.e infoobject and then while importing to quality choose overwrite originals in the quality system. This will overwrite all the changes done in DEV to Infoobject present in Quality.

It is not good to delete table sin production system it effects the system.

So activate the infoobject after making Lowercase, the system will ask for new request now transport this request to quality as said early with choosing the option overwrite originals.