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After 700> 721 kernel change, SCS instance not starting

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I replaced a 700 Unicode nonEXT kernel with the latest 721 Unicode NonExt patch level 624 (note 1713986) after installing a new saphostagent release 721 patch 12 on a V6R1 LPAR. When I start the double stack system the central instance starts except for SERVER0 job, and shows active in SM51 however the SCS11 instance has only 3 jobs running ENSERVER, MSG_SERVER, SAPSTART and it does not appear in SM51. The trace file std_server0.out in the DVEMBGS10 work directory has the message:

Could not open the ICU common library.                                      

The following files must be in the path described by                     

the environment variable "LIBPATH":                                      

libicuuc30.a, libicudata30.a, libicui18n30.a ¢nlsui0_mt.c 1489! pid = 657

The sapstart.log file in the SCS11 work directory has the error:

Execute Pre-Startup Commands                                              
(385) Local: /usr/sap/SOL/SYS/exe/run/cleanipc 11 remove                  
(372) Okay|                                                               
(414) Local: CLRLIB LIB(R3WRK11)                                          
(372) Okay|                                                               

(372) Cannot execute "/usr/sap/SOL/SYS/exe/run/sapmscsau pf=/usr/sap/SOL/SYS/profile/SOL_SCS11_sapbid -n" - as4_examine failed.

(372) system(/usr/sap/SOL/SYS/exe/run/sapmscsau pf=/usr/sap/SOL/SYS/profile/SOL_SCS11_sapbid -n) failed(-1). 2 No such file or directory 

Also the SAPSTRSRV job in QUSRWRK subsystem has these messages:

readInstInfoFromProfile: examining profile                                


File QINLINE in library *LIBL not found or inline data file missing.     

INFO:  SAP_HA_InitEx: Using USRSPACE Library: R3SOL400                   

INFO:  SAP_HA_InitEx: SAP IBM i Cluster library 'sapos4ha' initialized   

Ownership of object GETOBJINF in QTEMP type *USRSPC changed.             

SAPSOL_11¢27!: SAP Service SAPSOL_11 successfully started.



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Answers (2)

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Update - this issue was resolved by deleting an old object in the

/usr/sap/<SID>/DVEBMGS<>/j2ee/os_libs directory.

Refer Note 1707012 and also 1737528 - AS JAVA doesn't start with 7.2x kernel.

The second note says to 'Deploy the recent patch of the SAPJTECHF and SAPJTECHS components' as resolution step.

Server0 then stayed up after the system was restarted.

regards, Michael.

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Hi Michael,

To apply a 7.21 DCK Kernel on a 7.00 Netweaver with a 7.00 kernel you have to follow exactly SAP note 1716826 and especially SAP note 1713986.

Your system looks like that something old remained, because the icu 3.0 isn't used any more by 721 kernel components.

Please read or reread the above SAP notes carefully.

Best regards


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Hi Joachim,

Thank you, Those were the notes I followed. I now have 234 objects in SAPSOLIND with descriptions containing ' ILE version 0/624', and 16 objects in SAPSOLIND0 also with ILE version 0/624.  There are also the original SAPSOLM#00 and #01 V5R3 libraries and SAPSOLUC for the old 700 kernel, but these are not in the library list when logged on as SOLADM.   I can't see any old executables in /usr/sap/SOL/SYS/exe/run or in run/uc (221 objects).

There is still a Development BI double stack 700 kernel system also installed on the same LPAR.

I did replace the /sapmnt/SOL/tbx/jdbc/jt400.jar file with a 2014 version from the IBM directory after applying PTFs, perhaps I should have stayed on the older 2012 version?

When I updated saphostagent beforehand to 721 level 12 there were some error entries in the dev_saphostexec file that support said I can ignore-

[Thr 01] Executing "'/bin/su' '-' '-c' 'echo SAPHOSTAGENT-START;env;echo SAPHOSTAGENT-END' "

[Thr 01] *** ERROR => Failed to execute /bin/su                                

[Thr 01] *** ERROR => Failed to execute /bin/su                                

(2: No such file or directory) [OsUtilux.cpp 2510]                            

[Thr 01] Wed Mar 30 10:02:35 2016                                              

[Thr 01] exit status=129                                                       

[Thr 01] *** ERROR => Unable to load clean root environement.                  

[Logger.cpp   450]                                                            

[Thr 01] update env : PATH=/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe:/QOpenSys/usr/bin:/usr/ccs/bin:/QOpenSys/usr/bin/X11:.:

[Thr 01] LANG=en_US                                                            

[Thr 01] SAPPARAM700=1                                                         

[Thr 01] QIBM_USE_DESCRIPTOR_STDIO=N                                           

[Thr 01] QIBM_PASE_MAP_SIGNALS=I                                               

[Thr 01] PASE_PATH=/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe:/QOpenSys/usr/bin:/usr/ccs/bin:/QOpenSys/usr/bin/X11:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:.

[Thr 01] PATH=/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe:/QOpenSys/usr/bin:/usr/ccs/bin:/QOpenSys/usr/bin/X11:.:

[Thr 01] PASE_LANG=en_US                                                       

[Thr 01] QIBM_PASE_CCSID=819                                                   

[Thr 01] PASE_LOCPATH=/usr/lib/nls/loc                                    
[Thr 01] LOCPATH=/usr/lib/nls/loc                                         

[Thr 01] PASE_NLSPATH=/usr/lib/nls/msg/%L/%N:/usr/lib/nls/msg/%L/ 

[Thr 01] PASE_LC__FASTMSG=true                                            
[Thr 01] LC__FASTMSG=true                                                 
[Thr 01] PASE_TZ=<AEST>-10<AEDT>,M10.1.0,M4.1.0/03:00:00                  
[Thr 01] TZ=<AEST>-10<AEDT>,M10.1.0,M4.1.0/03:00:00                       
[Thr 01] LOGNAME=SAPADM                                                   
[Thr 01] HOME=/home/SAPADM                                                
[Thr 01] QIBM_IFS_OPEN_MAX=66000                                          
[Thr 01] CLASSICUSERCONCEPT=N                                             
[Thr 01] USER=SAPADM                                                      
[Thr 01] DIR_LIBRARY=/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe                                
[Thr 01] PASE_LIBPATH=/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe                                

Kind regards,