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Affect on existing workflow instances after modification

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I have modified a workflow in Dev, which is already running in production server.

Changes done to workflow are:

1. Binding changes in some of the tasks

2. Deactivation of escalation

3. Changes in code of business object methods

After i transport these changes to production from development server, i would like to know what is affect of these changes in existing workflow instances. Does it follow Old workflow template route with Old business object method logic?.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Shrinivas,

everything Pathanjali wrote is correct. You have to be careful with the BOR changes since these affect the existing workflows. New parameters will not be filled in the old workflows which can lead to errors in their processing. Best is to also create a new version in your development system when you make a major change in the workflow and test with some existing ones of the older versions as well.

Hope this helps,