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Advanced Search - opening up detailed search screen?

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Hello -

We recently migrated to NetWeaver 2004s Portal (previously were on EP6 SP2).

I have a question about opening up the "Advanced Search" screen. We are using this search component: "". When we click on the "Advanced Search" option, we would like this to open up to the screen where we can set advanced filters and options.

However, when we click on "Advanced Search" it opens up a plain vanilla screen, and we have to click on "Show Options" before the true Advanced Search screen appears.

Can anyone provide any input? So that from the main portal page, when we click "Advanced Search" it opens up to the right Advanced Search screen? We prefer to not have to select the "Show Options" button.

Thank you,


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Just an update. for some reason, the "Advanced Search Parameters" attribute was missing on the toolarea framework page. This is the reason why the advanced search was not opening properly.

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Hi Steve,

Go to System Administration --> System Configuration

--> KnowledgeManagement --> Content Management -->

User Interface --> Search.

Edit UISearch and Set "Initial Display of Search Options " to checked. I believe it is this parameter, else try "Enable Search Scope Selection"

Thanks and regards,