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Advanced Filtering not possible on Account dimension in SAC

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Hi experts,

 I'm working with a Planning Model and I'm building some stories with it. In this Planning Model I'm using an Account dimension (type Account) that has some attributes.





 I need to add an advanced filter and use the Account attributes to define a specific logical condition.

 However, even though I can use the Account attributes for simple filters ...




I cannot use the Account dimension neither the Account atrributes in the advanced filter panel:





Is this a by-design behavior? Is it planned that both the Account dimension and its attributes can be used in the advanced filter panel? What would be the best and lowest impact workaround to use Account attributes in advanced filter?

Please help me. Thanks


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This is by design. Account dimension cannot be used in Advance Filtering. As a workaround Try creating a calculated dimension using attributes of Account dimension and see if that works in Adv Filtering