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ADSO fields getting empty post data activation

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Dear SAP experts,

Recently I have converted a "Data Mart ADSO" to "Standard ADSO with Write Change Log".

In DEV environment everything looked fine.

- data was activating correct

- fields were populated correct

Once I moved the changes to QA, some fields which were fine in DEV, are getting empty once I activate the data. What could be the reason? I have no start/end/field routine for these fields. It's just 1:1 mapping from datasource -> staging adso -> integrated layer adso.

Additionally, I tried to reproduce the issue in DEV by copying the same ADSO to a new test one and trying to do the conversions on the test one: Data Mart - Standard and reverse, the issue is same like in QA. Only for the old ADSO everything works fine in DEV.

What could cause this issue? Please advise, I need urgent help 😞

Ideally I would like to apply a fix to the old ADSO (not the test one) so everything will work fine in QA for it and no fields would get empty post data activation.

Please help!

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Hello @aalbis. It would be interesting to see your key fields in the newly converted ADSO! I would say it is maybe the problem that you don't have enough key fields now and that some records with initial values overwrite others with characteristics available?!
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Hello @aalbis 

I found this in the Support Portal.

I have no idea about your release, but maybe it helps?!

2375939 - Request activation in an aDSO leads to blank/initial values in non-key fields as the field...

BR, Martin