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Adobe forms: printing of archived documents

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Hello All,

I would need an advice regarding printing documents from SAP Archive in Adobe form.

I use FM ARCHIV_GET_CONNECTIONS and FM ARCHIV_GET_TABLE for getting archived document in the internal table.

In which format I should have the document from archive before sending it to Adobe form, so that I could display it in Adobe form for printing?

PS: simple useing of tool SAP Livelink is not a solution, because I need to add some information to the documents from SAP archive before printing them.

Thank you,

Best regards,


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basically I see 2 options in this case:


I call the following FMs in the sequance:

CALL FUNCTION 'ARCHIV_GET_CONNECTIONS' <--- get archive refrence

CALL FUNCTION 'SCMS_AO_BUILD_PATH_FE' <--- determine path for PDF file of local machine

CALL FUNCTION 'SCMS_AO_FILE_GET_FE' <--- generate PDF file using determined path

As a result I have generated PDF file and a path to it.

The issue is - how to insert generated PDF file into Adobe form dynamically?

I send a file path via interface to Adobe form, but I don't really have an idea on what to do next,

because seems there are no such standard form elements like "file" or something similar.


There are standard elelments for inserting images into Adobe form, maybe this would work dynamically also, but how to convert PDF to an image in SAP or maybe it is possible to create an image file at once instead of creating PDF file?

Maybe inserting an image would be even a better option, because it would be almost no risk for having changed tables and fonts of the inserted file.

Any additional idea is appreciated.

Best regards,