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Adobe Forms - Display / Change version mismatch

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I've just started working with Adobe Forms... as long as you stay clear of the gateway services versions, the interface and context is quite similar to Smartforms. Livecycle Designer takes a while to get used to, but I've seen some really cool features that we would love to have in Smarforms :)

However, of course, there are still some glitches. Those glitches are now taking up a lot of time to work around and I have no idea how to fix them.

This all has to do with 'display' and 'change' versions for the document, which exists in multiple languages. Even though I have saved and activated the document, I can see differences between the display and change version. The display version shows me a label I have removed a long time ago. The change version does not show the label, but whenever I generate a new PDF, the label is there. The display version cannot be changed/saved, so it will never go away.

The second issue is related to versions... the translations are no longer in sync. Labels in the original language do not match up with the translations. I can change whatever I want, but in the end the form will revert to the labels in the display version.

Ideally I would like to tell SAP to regenerate forget all translations, remove the display version and regenerate everything as I save∾tivate. But how?

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Even though the translation tags do not match up, I've found a way to jump through the hoops to get the text to save. The original version of my document is in Dutch, trying to translate to German. On the translation screen, the numbered tags between the languages don't point to the same piece of text... so it's still a bit of a puzzle to find the correct one.

But this is how I'm able to save the text:
1. Open the layout editor in DISPLAY mode
2. Goto Translation and enter the languages
3. Do your translation magic
4. Save (not sure whether required)
5. Activate (confirm popup)
6. Back
7. Now press the button to go to CHANGE mode
8. Activate

Far from ideal, still need to find a way to get the tags to match up again, but at least I'm now able to produce a properly translated PDF.