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Adobe Forms: Display 2 long text side by side, each in a subform

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On trying to display 2 long text side by side like 2 columns, I'm facing an issue that after subform 1 (1st long text) displays, the 2nd subform long text is started to print.

But I need that to print parallel from 1st line of page itself and it should flow to new pages too, that should display like coulmns.

Other Details: I maintained the both long text as a string in same internal table (it holds long text of multiple line items)

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Hi Sivaraman,

That doesn't matter. Important sidenode is that you wrap the two text with subforms and both subforms again into one. So you force the form to print it side by side.

For the future it is always helpful to share a screen of the tree with all the texts and subforms to get an clear view on the problem.