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Adobe document with the entered values

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Hi all,

I have created an interactive form in sfp transaction and called successfully in my se38 program.

but when i see the printpreview of the pdf document it says the message " you cannot save this pdf with the filled data"..

Should i apply any SAP note regarding this? how to make the pdf to save with the filled data.


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Deepa,

Just a quick check, have you done the data binding?

Means the text box are mapped to the interface attributes or not.



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not yet Satya.

will do that and let u know..

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Hi Satya,

I have declared a global variable in the form. But i have no clue abt how to set and get the entered value

should i create a variable name to that text field in my se38 pgm? and how to get the value from the form when i enter it in the print preview..

Could you please suggest me ..


Edited by: Deepa K on Feb 21, 2008 8:18 AM

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Hi Deepa,

if you want to set data of your program into a pdf form, you need to do the following things:

first of all you need a dictionary based interface with inputparameters.

for example:

parametername: bp_detail

type: type

typedescription: but000

save and activate your interface.

now you have to create a form which is using your interface. Put some fields with databinding on your form, save and activate.

if you have done this, you have to declare in your se38 program the input parameters of the interface.

data bp_detail type but000.

now you can define how the form will be filled... for example

parameters p_input(10) type c default ' '.

select single * from but000 into bp_detail where partner = p_input.

check sy-subrc = 0.

at least you also have to set the inputparameters of the interface as exportparameter of the generated function module

call function fm_name


/1bcdwb/docparams = fp_docparams

bp_detail = bp_detail


usage_error = 1

system_error = 2

internal_error = 3

others = 4.

The result of this example will be, that the user fill in a businesspartnernumber and then a pdf will be created with the data of the businesspartner.

If you want that the user fill in the data into a pdf file and then some other fields should be filled with data automatically, you need webdynpro and a XML-based interface.

I hope this helped



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Hi Matthias...

Thank u for ur replies,,,,

Edited by: Deepa K on Feb 21, 2008 1:06 PM

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Hi Deepa,

If you set the docparams-fillable to 'N' there will a pdf form be generated and you will be able to fill in data, but not to save it. Because if you set it to 'N' the generated PDF will not include the credentials.

--> You can check this if you have installed the Acrobat Reader 8, then you can klick on the left side on a blue information icon. If its empty, the pdf is generated without credentials. Else the will be a note with information about the credential file.

You have to know, that you need a credential file to edit pdfs because just the Adobe Acrobat Professional is able to edit PDF files and save it. But this lil' credential makes you able to edit PDFs with the Adobe Reader.

If you set the docparams-fillable to 'X' the pdf will be generated with the reader rights credentials include.

Hmmm...I think you should check

the ICF services

default_host -> sap -> bc -> fp

default_host -> sap -> bc -> fpads

and check that you are using the right role for the ads agent! I had this problem too and the reason was the wrong user role of the ADS_AGENT !!

please use SAP_BC_FP_ICF instead of SAP_BC_FPADS_ICF

or if your using SAP_BC_FP_ICF use the SAP_BC_FPADS_ICF role.

Test it! Maybe solves your problem



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Thank you Matthias..

and will check it and let u know.. Thanx for ur help..


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Hi Matthias..

Thank you very much..

Ur great reply helped me to solve my problem.. the problem was in credential file..

Thanx once again..