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Adobe Desinger: Caluculation with JavaScript

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Hello collegues,

I don't know whether this is the right place for my question but I will try it. I created an Adobe Form with the Adobe Designer. I would like to calculate the sum of three fields and display the result in another field. I have to use JaveScript but I am not an expert in this topic. Very helpful would be a litte example from with a simple addition of two fields.

Thanks in advance,


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why don't you use FormCalc? This is part of Adobe Designer and it's easier to work with (at least in the Adobe environment). An example can be found in your Adobe installation path, e.g. 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Designer 6.0\Samples\Purchase Order\Dynamic\Forms\Purchase Order.xpd'.

For sure, JavaScript is possible, too. For getting values of the form you need the method rawValue. Example in JavaScript: "Result.rawValue = Op1.rawValue + Op2.rawValue;"

Same in FormCalc: "Result = Op1 + Op2;"