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adint2 vs backint on AIX 5.2

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Hi everyone,

For the past 3 years we have been using backint for oracle to backup our MAXDB database. Recently we enquired about using adint2 since we run AIX with TSM.

Can anyone point out the advantages/disadvantages between adint2 and backint ??

Thanks heaps


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Hello Shaun,

MaxDB supports connections to the external backup tool TSM from the company IBM/Tivoli for backing up, restoring, importing, and exporting data after the MaxDB software has been configured accordingly.

Note that there are SAP DB version-specific restrictions for using TSM or for creating parallel backups or restores.

As you know you can connect TSM using the TSM client adint2 or using the Backint for Oracle interface. With adint2 you achieve higher performance, but the program is not available on all platforms.

More information, like Supported Backup Tools, Configuring the TSM Connection, Configuration of Backint for Oracle Connections and more, could be found in

the MaxDB Library: -> documents

( you could download the MaxDB Library or read it online )

For further information please go to:

You could overview, for example, document "ADINT/Tivoli Storage Manager for MaxDB. Installation & User's Guide" at the IBM Web site.

Please let us know, if you have additional questions.

Thank you and best regards, Natalia Khlopina

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Hi Natalia,

We are also looking into TSM tools to backup MaxDB, our content server and live cache. We are checking if the ADINT2 is compatible with MaxDB 7.6,, build 008-123-140-618. If it is which releae of ADINT2 is that. Would you have that information? Or, where about can I retrieve them. Thank you in advance.

Wolfgang Chen

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Hello Wolfgang,

Please check this URL:


I believe this matrix is what you are looking for:

Any version of MaxDB (formerly, SAPDB) higher than 7.3 should be supported.

The first link has a couple of documents which you should find useful, including a presentation with further contact information, a link to a free trial download etc.

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We opted not to purchase ADINT2 due to the absolutely ridiculous cost that IBM want to charge for the "service".

ADINT2, although a very small file, is delivered as an IBM Service offering.

Here is Australia, it costs approx $40,000 per license with an ongoing annual maintenance charge.