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Adhoc Anchor???

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How Adhoc anchor works? In a workflow if I have only adhoc anchor and configured workflow template in it. How will it work? Can I debug workflow? If yes How?

Any pointers are appreciable.

Thanks in advance.


Deepak Bhalla

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Deepak,

I assume you are running this workflow in an R/3 system and not SRM? If its SRM there's special handling around ad hoc anchors.

Otherwise, it works as follows:

  • You put an ad hoc anchor step in your workflow specifying which subflows can be used at this point

  • A user (possibly the initiator) uses the graphical workflow log to call the ad hoc anchor step and nominate the subflow to be inserted at that point - there's an icon that shows up to activate the step and choose the subflow

  • From then on the nominated subflow is treated as if it had been included directly in the workflow template

  • If no-one calls on the ad hoc anchor step then nothing is called at that point - its the equivalent of leaving an undefined step in the workflow

  • You can nest ad hoc anchor steps ad nauseum, i.e. the nominated subflow can itself have an ad hoc anchor step

Hope that helps



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