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additional resources needed (CPU/RAM/DISKS) when upgradeing from BI7.00 NUC to BI73 NUC

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I wander when upgradeing  from BI7.00 NUC to BI73 NUC what are additional resources needed (CPU/RAM/DISKS)

Thank you in advance


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Hi Jan,

Suggestions for additional CPU, RAM will be depend on your existing Server configuration.

In case there are no performance bottlenecks in your existing system, there is no need for additional CPU and RAM during upgrade to BI 7.3 NUC.

Secondly there will be requirement of additional disk space as a new tablespace will be get created for the new release. Assume a rough estimation of 20% increase in existing DB size during upgrade to BI 7.3 NUC. So You may need to plan the storage space accordingly.

Apart from that for upgrade directory and DVD dumps you may need to provision some storage space which should be rought around 30 GB in all.

Hope this helps.


Deepak Kori

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Hi jan,

Just wanted to add more on the Space .

While the upgraded process you might need approx 50 to 60 gb of space for the new tablesapce Psapsr3730 depending on the size of the database . So i would suggest like in case for oracle get your file system extended you 50gb. Once the upgrade is done you old table sapce will get fried and you can remove it and get space. (Please check the guide for that.)

For all the patch you can get your trans directory extended you 30gb so that once all the patches get uncared they have space there.

For upgrade tools and software you can get 50 gb.

From the resource point i would depend on what strategy you follow while creating the shadow instance creation and copying the changes back from shadow to actual system.


Rishi Abrol